Designed with performance and aesthetics in mind.


INroof solar roof panels will change the way you think about solar power and design. Our panels give you an attractive, sustainable energy option that doesn’t sacrifice performance—in cold or warm climates.

Design Conscious

Inspired by nature, we always knew solar power was meant to be beautiful. We looked to architectural styles and disciplines and found the answer in the sleek, crisp lines of a metal roof. The simple yet versatile design prevents the need for unsightly additional components and can be easily incorporated into traditional or contemporary designs. And because our collectors are custom made, you can order just as many as you need in exactly the right size. Achieve the design you envision or take your company or school branding to the next level while meeting your energy efficiency goals. Nor’easter collectors are available in 31 colors ranging from harmonious neutrals to vibrant brights. Custom colors may also be available for an additional charge. Darker colors will perform best.

Environmentally friendly

We hope to be a catalyst in the ever mounting green revolution. Cutting down on a huge share of your home or business’ energy consumption is a leap forward in reducing your reliance on fossil fuels. With INroof collectors, you can feel good knowing you’re doing your part to reduce pollution and unnecessary consumption. The added layer of insulation in our collectors means you’ll use less energy to keep your home warm or cool. Plus metal roofs are known for their longevity and durability and when they do eventually need replacing they are recyclable.


Energy won’t be the only thing you’re saving. Installing solar power is an investment with payoffs throughout the lifespan of your roof. Our collectors are ICC-SRCC™ certified- a distinction often required to take advantage of incentives. Incentive eligibility will vary for each project and depend on state, but may include a 30% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), tax exemptions, 0% interest loans, equipment trade-ins or other benefits. Research shows after several years your roof will have paid for itself and you will be enjoying free clean energy. With the details of your project, we can estimate how soon you can expect your return on investment. Your solar installation is also likely to augment your home’s resale value.

Next Generation Weather Optimized

With years of experience in the solar and construction industries, we’ve seen the evolution of the solar industry firsthand. Our Nor’easter collectors were designed with New England in mind. The smooth surface of your collectors will shed snow easily and help prevent ice damning. Plus, if necessary, your system could be run in reverse to deice and melt accumulation. The panel’s design will not allow overheating of the glycol making for systems with longer life and low maintenance.  When paired with a heat pump, our panels deliver even higher efficiencies and extend the life of roofing materials by operating at even lower temperatures.

US Small Business Manufacturing

When you support INroof.solar you support small business in America. This means you’re looking out for your community by offering opportunities, job security and saving on the financial and environmental costs of around the world shipping. We try to return the favor by sourcing parts locally and doing business ethically, following the golden rule.