Architectural integrity. Energy efficiency.

With INroof, the solar panel is inside the roof creating a highly efficient and 100% invisible solar thermal system.


We identified the need for a high performance solar option that was either aesthetically pleasing or visually undetectable. Then we made it happen. Our solar metal roofing is a no-brainer because it provides a wealth of benefits without sacrificing building design, making the conscious choice a beautiful one. Externally our collectors appear as a standing seam metal roof – crisp, bold, classic – but inside an added layer of insulation and our patent pending solar thermal collection system work to lower your heating, hot water and cooling costs. These are efficient, effective panels with an architectural soul.



Natural, economic and political factors contribute to instability in fuel prices leaving us wondering how much we’re going to spend on energy each year. Research by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) found that in 2015 American homes devoted 62% of their homes’ total energy consumption to space and water heating, a number that climbs to 72% and 73% respectively in cooler regions like the Midwest and Northeast. Heating expenditures nationwide are expected to rise for the 2018-2019 winter. In our home state, Massachusetts expenditures are expected to be 10 – 17% higher than last year depending on fuel type. It’s not only homeowners who should be pursuing a clean heating alternatives. Commercial buildings nationally and across all industries spend 32% of total energy on space and water heating, with averages reaching 40-50% of total energy consumed in industries like education, healthcare and government (without account for climatic differences). This represents a significant cost cutting or cost saving opportunity plus the chance to bolster your company’s positive environmental impact. With roof integrated solar heating, your heating fuel consumption can be significantly reduced or even eliminated.

Our solar thermal collectors take in the sun’s heat blazing down on your roof and deliver it to where it’s needed most. The top surface of our collectors uses a special low-solar-reflective finish paint to absorb heat, which is then transferred to a nontoxic propylene glycol solution, which is circulated through custom made plumbing adhered to the metal roofing. The temperature of the solution is monitored, and when it is hot enough to be a useful heat source, it is sent to a storage or heat transfer device. Thermal energy can be used for solar hot water, space heating, radiant floor heating, ice melting and swimming pool heating or industrial processes.