The roofing your clients want is the manufacturer of standing seam aluminum roofing panels with an integrated solar thermal collection system. metal roofing panels provide all the benefits of standing seam metal roofing, plus the energy savings of solar heating in one convenient panel. INroof panels are available in a range of colors and sizes to realize any design objective. They are the ideal choice for roofing contractors, architects, designers and builders, who want to offer clients the very best roofing option available. Whether the project is a roof replacement or meticulously designed energy efficient home, INroof is the best value in metal roofing. 


ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS panels are suitable for new construction, additions and roof replacements. Intentional design and placement of INroof panels allows for the best performance and aesthetic. An INroof Engineer can provide information and advice regarding site location, heat loss, system requirements and energy supply and demand. If your firm is interested in hosting a informational presentation, please contact us via our web form or at 978 378 0015. 


SYSTEM DESIGN metal roofing panels serve as solar thermal collectors for various system types including solar domestic hot water, radiant flooring, forced air heating systems, ice melt and pool heating. The following schematics represent just a few of the many configurations possible with panels. If you require design assistance or have further questions about designing a system powered by panels, please contact us using the web form or calling 978 378 0015. 

System Schematics


INSTALLATION panels can be installed by any qualified metal roofing contractor. Please view the Nor’easter instruction manual on the BILT application.


3-D guided instructions available for download via the BILT app



Please use the web form or call 978 378 0015 to inquire about metal roof forming services or using us a standing seam metal roofing supplier. We serve locations throughout New England.