Celebrate Earth Day with INroof.solar!

Earth Day is our favorite holiday at INroof! We are excited for the upcoming 40th annual holiday celebration. Make the best of your Earth Day on April 22nd by celebrating with INroof. Take a look these 10 easy ideas to go green and say thank you to Mother Earth.

  1. Unplug appliances when they aren’t being used. Use a power strip for all of the appliances in a room and simply unplug it when you are not using it. This prevents phantom electricity withdrawal and will make a difference on your monthly bill so you can go green while saving green.
  2. Use a refillable water bottle. Find a BPA-free bottle with a cool design and decorate it with your favorite stickers! Carry it with you everywhere and use it to chart your daily water intake. (Same thing goes with a coffee cup- and it will keep your drink hot for way longer!)
  3. Soak up the sun. Cut back on screen time and get your daily dose of vitamin D. Take an outdoor walk or have lunch in the sun and you’ll also be saving energy. INroof knows that a little sunshine can go a long way.
  4. Go paperless. Switch to online bank statements, get receipts emailed to you, pay bills on the computer, etc. Help your parents or grandparents go paperless too! It will be easier to keep track of important documents with an online copy rather than a paper copy.
  5. Adopt a house plant. Give it a name. Show your friends. Maybe your green thumb will surface and inspire you to move on to bigger planting projects!
  6. Volunteer with a local community service group. INroof loves to keep our local beaches and rivers clean. For example, this Earth Day we are participating in a beach cleanup with the Blue Ocean Society. You’ll meet new people who share your enthusiasm for the outdoors, plus it feels REALLY good!
  7. Stop using disposable bags when you grocery shop. BYOB! (Bring Your Own Bags.) They cost around a dollar and can be used for infinite purposes. Shoppers in California are adjusting to a grocery bag ban law, where stores must charge shoppers for plastic or paper grocery bags, and dozens of Massachusetts cities and towns have already followed suit.
  8. Join the clean plate club! Do not waste food. Try to hold yourself accountable for this every meal. Put leftovers in the fridge instead of the trash to help save money and meal prep time. If your leftovers are not hitting the spot the second time around, check to see if they can be composted to keep your plants and gardens healthy.
  9. Double up. Reuse items that you may think only serve one purpose. Get creative and roll up old magazines to help your boots keep their shape when not being worn, or use an egg carton to organize earrings. Tap into your creative mind and start a DIY project!
  10. Support green business. Invest in multipurpose, long-lasting products that help you meet your sustainability goals. INroof.solar thermal collectors are made in the U.S. with recyclable aluminum metal and provide clean, free solar thermal energy to your home or business. With INroof.solar systems installed, you can treat every day like Earth Day and Mother Earth will thank you!

Happy Earth Day from the team at INroof!


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