Why to Consider a Metal Roof


Correct roof selection is critical to the integrity of a structure and the investment in a quality roof can mean added value for your home as well as saved headaches down the road. A roof must be strong enough to protect the structure from the elements yet light enough to bear the constant dead load and potential live loads. Additionally, it should complement the style of the rest of the structure and may need to meet municipal or community building requirements. Roofs also provide the opportunity to take advantage of an underutilized part of your property, which may be up to 100% of a building’s footprint!

INroof.solar collectors are a fusion of the best roofing materials and high efficiency technology providing a wealth of benefits hidden neatly under aluminum standing steam metal roofing.  We chose aluminum as the surface of our collectors as much for its performance as a roofing material as for its thermal properties. Our robust roofing solution offers all the benefits of metal roofing without the usual drawbacks, plus the perks of solar thermal for a roof that will outperform all others in value.



Aluminum roofing is renowned for its strength to weight ratio making it a sensible, light-weight option for roofing. Like all metal roofing, it is known for its longevity and is extremely resistant to saltwater making it a perfect choice for coastal areas. Our collectors’ smooth, sleek, surface also allows them to shed snow and debris easily which can help prevent ice damning, overloading and damage to the roof over time.


The coating of our solar thermal collecting roof allows you the opportunity to choose from dozens of colors, and if nothing suits your need you can even personalize the collectors with a custom mixed color. (Not to mention this coating serves as an added layer of protection against corrosion.) Roof panels can be customized in length as width as well to give you the right look on every roof.



Our Nor’easter collectors are ICC-SRCC OG-100 certified making them eligible for the 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).  Because our collectors are the roof, those savings apply to the single cost of your roof and collectors. Incentive programs help offset the initial investment and your annual savings mean your roof will soon have paid for itself. (Refer to federal and state guidelines about project eligibility requirements.)


Especially in residential projects, the idea of a metal roof can evoke concerns of rainy day noise. Because our solar collector roof panels are built with an inch and a half of insulation, you can rest assured your space will be adequately shielded from storm noise. Plus, that insulation serves as an essential part of your building envelope, maximizing your heating and cooling efficiency.


If you choose a metal roof, choose INroof.solar for a combination of benefits that no other roofing system can match. Whether you are embarking on new construction or a challenging retrofit, building a whole new campus or doing a partial replacement, an INroof.solar roof will exceed all your expectations.

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