Incentive Programs Bring Solar Within Reach For More MA Residents

Good news is on the way for Massachusetts residents! Solar power is becoming more accessible than ever before. Solarize Mass  and Mass Solar Connect, two programs run by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, are underway giving participants in Massachusetts an opportunity to invest in clean, affordable energy. These initiatives have been developed to raise awareness for solar energy, provide consumer guidance on how to find and choose a system and offer competitive pricing to those who want to convert to solar energy.

With climate change being a growing concern around the world, scientists, leaders and eco-conscious people are looking for ways to expedite the employment of clean energy. In Massachusetts, the leading state in energy efficiency for the last 6 years, the question isn’t why to get solar, but how.

The Solarize Mass program hopes to increase small scale solar installations by giving homeowners more buying power in the solar market. Its focus for the past seven years has been affordability of photovoltaic (PV) panels. Through this program, each community selects a solar installer. Community members may then purchase the system from the installer or obtain a system through a leasing or power purchase agreement program when available. Winthrop residents can visit this site to learn more.

Even more exciting, the Solarize Mass Plus program is in its pilot year. This program provides all the benefits of the Solarize Mass program plus the added availability of other types of clean energy. Our neighboring community of Newburyport will have access to both PV and air-source heat pumps while Lincoln-Sudbury-Wayland will have PV and solar hot water.

The expansion of Solarize Mass is an especially exciting prospect because it recognizes the multitude of clean energy options available. Homes use different sources of energy like electricity, natural gas, propane and oil for their lightning, appliance, water heating, space heating and air conditioning needs. A successful solar installation must take into consideration the current energy source and system, the end use and the design and location of the property itself. With more energy sources included in the program, homeowners will be able to find a true energy solution, which is what clean energy is all about.

The Mass Solar Connect program works on a similar premise of increasing education and affordability. This program gives residents a unique Massachusetts portal on the Pick My Solar website, where residents are able to enter their address and get estimated information about feasibility of solar on their site and potential costs and savings. These automated estimates are just like the careful Eagleview analyses that the INroof team does for each customer before designing their system. Residents may also use an EnergySage page to collect quotes for their property and see quotes nearby properties have been given.

All programs will allow Massachusetts residents to benefit from competitively priced solar power. These initiatives give participants an opportunity to save on energy bills and make the clean, green choice that will help Massachusetts stay at the top of the renewable energy game. Community applications for 2017 are currently being accepted until MassCEC funds are fully allocated. Applications are evaluated on a first-come, first served basis. Do not miss your chance to help combat climate change and save money on clean energy.

If you think you are worried about your heating bills this winter, now is the time to find your solution. Why not call 978 378 0015 or visit us at and find out how you can cut down on the biggest part of your energy bill.

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