ICC-SRCC Certified Solar Collector

INroof.solar is pleased to accept the ICC-SRCC™ OG-100 certification – a quality seal of assurance in our industry. The presentation of this certification means you can rest assured that INroof.solar panels meet all Operating Guidelines and Minimum Standards for Certifying Solar Collectors.

The International Code Council (ICC) – Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC) is an association whose mission has been to create a national standard for solar equipment regarding safety, efficiency and energy savings. In their own words: “The corporation is a non-profit, independent third-party certification entity that is wholly funded through fees paid by participants and users. It is unique in that it is the only national certification program established solely for solar thermal products. It is also the only national certification organization whose programs are the direct result of the combined efforts of state organizations and an industry association involved in the administration of standards.”

To become eligible for ICC-SRCC certification, solar panels must first pass a thorough inspection by an independent laboratory testing facility. Such tests analyze the durability of the panels, their resistance to damage and their thermal efficiency under various temperature and wind conditions. Approval by a testing facility, in our case Exova, based out of Ontario, Canada, proves that our panels meet the requirements of Section 401.19 of ICC 901/SRCC 100-2015 and section 18 of ISO 9806:2013.

Our certification signifies that our standard Nor’Easter model, roof-integrated solar panel (in all sizes) meets or exceeds the standards developed to protect consumers. A full version of their report on our panels can be found on their website. This certification also qualifies INroof.solar panels for tax credit incentive programs. Information about your state’s program requirements and federal program requirements can be found at http://www.dsireusa.org/. A tax professional can help you determine how your project qualifies.

INroof.solar is proud to be certified and share our passion for clean energy integrated seamlessly into beautiful architecture.

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